Make your home unique.

A piece of the emblematic floors of Barcelona at home!

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A practical and special kitchen

Waterproof, fire-resistant and so easy to clean.

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Places to play and dream.

Antiallergic and super resistant.

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For stylish pets

Give him a nice place and just forget about dirt.

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Non-slip, sticks well on the floor and it's so easy to clean. So cool.

Lucas C. on october 24, 2017

I have a Mamut rug in the kitchen and I already want another one for the study. They are so decorative and easy to clean. Love them!

Sara L. on september 24, 2017

The truth is that it gives a lot of life in the bathroom, I had it without color and now I see it differently.

Jorge V. on october 17, 2017

I'm really happy. It is practical, easy to clean and very light.

Elisa M. on november 22, 2017

I get it very quickly. It's perfect for kitchens because of its anti-slip composition to avoids risks. I'll buy another!

Maria F. on november 19, 2017

It is perfect to not step on the cold tiles and it has a really cool modern touch.

Mireia C. on november 23, 2017